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    Pole dance

    Pole dance is translated pole dancing. It's a relatively new acrobatic dance sexy sport, which is designed for all ages. The Czech Republic has held its first championship in the pole dance and hopefully soon we will see even pole dancing at the Olympics; o). If you do not believe in any sport, so after the first hour of pole dancing can finally begin to believe! What you thought that you can not, it's too difficult, you know. It's up to you when! Pole dance is about overcoming oneself, about dancing, about acrobatics and also about entertainment. Once you try it once, you will not want to stop ... whether you are five or fifty! Attention pole dance is heavily addictive: o)

    Aerial hoop

    Aerial hoop, or pendant acrobatics to the ring. This exercise not only strengthen the entire body, but mostly muscles and upper torso muscles, which in the normal exercise often skipping. (back, oblique abdominal). If you are pole dancer, u have definitely an advantage, but its not necessary. The circle can often see in circuses and the street theater of movement. You do not have to worry that something will not make, or that it's dangerous if you follow the instructions lecturer, nothing will happen. Oh and the ring are very nice photos :) An hour longer recommend leggings and T-shirt.

    Hen party / tailor-made workshop

    Are you organizing the bachelorette party, original birthday party or just fun time with friends? We will prepare for you tailor-made workshop (basic or more advanced according to your requirements) on pole, aerial hoop or aerial silks. The experienced trainer will teach you new moves on pole, aerial hoop or silks. Write us to moschna@dancenter.cz and we will prepare an offer according to your requirements.


    Hanging acrobatics on scarves, elegant sport that is forcefully demanding, yet breathtaking. First time we teaches simple elements at ground level, because of the complexity of special nodes. This sport beautifully shaping the character and strengthens and mainly extends throughout the body. In this sport we recommend longer clamped leggings.

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