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    Anna Trachtová Veronika Kvardová Petra Mošovská Radka Jája


    With a pole dance, I started in September 2010 and a few years later I discovered aerial acrobatics. Pole dance combines everything from entertaining expect physical movement (dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, fitness ...). It gives me motivation, self-discipline and determines my lifestyle. Finally, it is to me proof that sport can prove something, even when it begins in adulthood. I believe that man can do anything he wants if he has enough enthusiasm and patience. Participation in the European championship of Aerial acrobatics 2014 (aerial hoop professional category) first place in the Championship in pole dance in 2013 in the amateur category, the best technical performance at the Championship in pole dance 2013 Amateur Championship finalist in pole dance in 2013 in the category of professionals Ongoing participation competition Battle field League Instuktorský certificate European Union Pole Sport


    Hi, my name is Veronica and I was out lecturing in Moschně beautician and masseuse. Pole dance I first appeared about 3 years ago on the server YOUTUBE.Com, not entirely by mistake. Video of the championship intrigued me so much that I have a pole dance sought all information and He decided to just try for yourself. And then came Moschna :) I started to dance just for myself and for fun, but over time I have found a pole dance severe addiction, which until now have I drive and I'm not willing to get rid of it :) Pole dance fills me with a lot of energy, forcing herself to overcome and meet new people. Therefore I decided to lecturing and their experiences and pass other like minded people like me ...


    My name is Anita and dancing is my passion. As a junior I was four years dancing in a dance group T-Bass. After moving to Prague was not the time to continue dancing, so I took a break for a while and devoted herself to the study. I graduated from the University of Economics and now works for the marketing department.
    Three years ago I discovered pole dancing, which I literally changed the lives :-) Sam himself would describe as a strength type with a passion for dance, therefore I pole dance so found.
    When I wondered where a pole dance on, learning for me was the obvious choice. I wanted to pass on the joy he has given me this kind of movement brings. Most of my learning fun to see how my kurzistky manage elements of which claimed a month ago that they can not handle.
    Your hours I try to design to suit everyone - at the beginning I included the interconnection elements and repetitions from previous lessons, means forming new elements and in the end I try to include strengthening and stretching, as both strength and flexibility to pole dance belongs. Home Home The most commonly used phrases "straighten the tip" and "give it time, it's coming."
    Certificates : Home Pole dance instructor - basic from the Czech Association of pole dance and fitness 2013 Home Instructor pole dance & amp; accreditation Ministry fitness trainer and dance disciplines II. Class
    Workshops: : Home Kristy Sellars, Pink Puma, Tatiana Marsheva



    Hey girls, if you ask how and when they arose Moschna and July 1, 2012. Moschna because I Mošovská Moschná and also because for the lessons and the teachers I guarantee you, and I stand behind them.
    I am a graduate and presenter and actress since childhood I attend dance. Moschná because the studio is more or less a circus :) Pole dance is about overcoming myself and I, as a teacher, I try to entertain you pole dance, like me. Ie. I want you to get me used to go and mess around, exercise and relax.
    And as far as my motto: Dance are some simple consecutive elements in order to not look at it like a moron :)


    Motto: If you can not - you can add!
    Pole dance is dedicated since 2010 and from the outset I literally devoured the sport and became my passion. I am an instructor since 2012. My classes are fitness focus, which in a few months and signs of true training on your character. Place emphasis on the gradual acquisition of power and interconnection elements.
    I am a certified fitness instructor.


    My name is Radka. But just as well to hear the word kamikaze. That nickname goes with me all my life and when I know you will understand why. Work, live, play sports. I never stop and always doing something. I know that everyone is crazy and I'm the biggest addition with a nozzle drive. Over my life I have tried multiple sports. Eventually I settled for fencing and later I added a pole dance and aerial acrobatics. You with me so meet at heights on the bar and greater heights in the hall and then another somewhere in between on the circle. :-D Why did I actually started it? Perhaps out of curiosity. After the first lesson, I fell in love with it, however, and after a year I pole dance utterly failed. In the field of dance and all of the aforementioned ascend too. Time from time. Within overcoming itself.


    I'm 20 years old and studying physical education and sport at FPES. Childhood my parents led to the sport, especially in football, but I'm at it lasted only until the 14th Then I had such a revolt when I'm finished with football, and I began to travel to Prague to the theater, go to art school on vocals and keyboards, I wanted to go to the conservatory and starring in musicals: D In 2011, I got a fire show in the group Ad Infinitum, which connects Fireshow   acrobatics, so I started to even parkour and freerun. In 2013, I started teaching a group of children just fire show and acrobatics, and I established with them fireshow group RockFire. Then, enough so that in the summer of 2013 they opened a theater in Jihlava DIOD acrobatics courses on the scarves. Since then I knew that I wanted to devote Sala and after school and teach them. "Happiness brings us a journey, not a destination" "Do not try to be the best, try to be better"


    I am the type of person who is easy to impress, but nothing last long. Motto: "It is better to wear out than rust ..." Why does the field? I love dancing and it does not matter what. Right now it is a pole dance until I get tired or it can not physically cope I'll find some other kind of ... How long does the field? ... I do not know myself for a long time, probably since the autumn of 2009. Anyway, I do not enjoy "crush" difficult tricks, he is then unable to cope in a dance performance ... structure hours At the beginning of the warm-up and gentle stretching, and then repeating something new. According mood dance - for me the only improvisation or light strength training and stretching at the end, of course, a lot depends on the requirements and capabilities of each group.


    I graduated from Charles University, majoring in modern gymnastics coaching specialty. 19 years I was actively engaged at the highest level Rhythmic gymnastics I'm a former skier CR. For several years I have coached the least, small and larger gymnasts in section SK MG Chodov Prague, where I worked as a racer.

    our Studio

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    Our studio is equipped with 8 dance poles for pole dancing, hanging 3 rings, scarves and 3 hopuačkou rope for hanging acrobatics ... wall bars, locker rooms, showers, a kitchen and finally lots of mirrors and & nbsp; soft mattresses; o)

    You can find us in the street Školská 1, in the center of Prague. At the door bell you will find "Dance centers. "The best way to get us out of metro Pavlova (on route C) - approx. 5 min. walk. Alternatively, the metro Museum or Mustek (Přastupní metro line B and A) or you can come to us from the tramway stops Štěpánská and Vodičkova. See the map in the section Contact .

    about Moschna

    how it all began

    July 1, 2012 - the day it was signed, written agreement and was thus Moschna. :) We are a team of lecturers crazed sport. We are here for you if you want to exercise, dance, relax to meet new people or simply break from everyday life. What we do is fun ... and you will too! Just simply try to come.

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