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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How it works

    Our courses always start in September, January and July. However, their system is a bit different from other studios. You can, of course, sign up for all the lessons of a given course or choose to sign up for individual lessons. This means that you can individually and flexibly adapt which lessons you want to attend.

    Register on the website

    Create a registration on our website as follows:

    Recharge your credit:

    Hours can only be booked after you have recharged your credit - moshnaky. 1 CZK = 1 moschna coin You can recharge in two ways - by purchasing a recharge coupon in the studio or by bank transfer. The recharged credit (moschna coins) cannot be exchanged back for money.

    Using a recharge coupon:

    You can purchase a recharge coupon at the studio. We have it in several amounts: 250,- CZK, 500,- CZK, 800,- CZK, 1000,- CZK, 1 600,- CZK, 2 400,- CZK.
    Log in to your account and click on the second tab "recharge credit" in the top pink bar.
    A page will open with a link to overwrite the recharge code.
    Enter the coupon code in the box and click on "Recharge Moschny coins" The Moschny credits will be added to your account immediately.
    The validity of the credit is 12 months.

    Via bank account:

    You can purchase new Moschnyaks without a personal visit by sending money to the Moschna dance center studio account.
    The account for sending the payment is 1153807045 / 3030, please use your registration number as the variable symbol - you can find it in the credit tab.
    It is not necessary to give the constant symbol, but otherwise you can use the code "0308", which is the specification of the domestic payment.
    But what is important: include your full name in the note for the recipient so we can credit your account.
    The minimum amount for the recharge is 100 CZK.
    Credits can take up to three days to be credited. If you want to speed up the process, please send us an email (moschna@dancenter.cz) to confirm the payment. However, it is not possible to recharge up faster than 24 hours.
    Once the the account is recharged, you can now sign up for lessons.

    Booking and cancelling the lessons.

    Click on the Lessons tab in the top pink bar and find the lessons you want to sign up for. It is possible to sign up for individual lessons or for all lessons at a given time (i.e. for a course).
    Once you have logged in for a lesson, your Moschniks will be deducted.
    If you book the whole course and you do not have enough Moschniks for all lessons, the system will only log you in for as many lessons of the course as there are enough Moschniks.
    You can cancel a lesson up to 18.00 the previous day and the Moschnaks will be refunded to your account.
    Later, you cannot withdraw from the course and if you don't arrive your Moschnaks will still be deducted. No refunds are possible.
    You may offer your entry to another dancer, but you must email moschna@dancenter.cz the same day.
    If there are less than 4 participants in the class by 6pm the previous day, the class will be automatically cancelled and you will receive an email cancellation.

    Without logging in to the system and having an active account, it is not possible to participate in the lessons, and entering the studio or lesson will not be permitted. We reserve the right to refuse participation in lessons and entry to the studio to anyone. The minimum age for entry to the studio is 18 years. Our premises are not suitable for children, so entry with a child is not possible - without entitlement to compensation.


    Multisport card procedure:
    • Create an account on our website.
    • Don't forget to fill in your multisport card number. Without this, the account is invalid.
    • Recharge your credit with a minimum of 250 CZK (we recommend 500 CZK).
    • Write to this email and ask to set up your account as a multisport user.
    • Once your credit is recharged, you can book classes

    The minimum recharge is 250 CZK. This recharge will allow you to book 10 lessons. If you want to book more lessons, you need to top up more (20,- CZK = 1 lesson).

    Information about credit:

    The credit will be used in case you book a lesson, do not cancel it on time (by 18:00 the previous day) and do not arrive for it, i.e. do not register your multisport card. If you don't arrive on time and don't cancel the lesson, the credit of 250 CZK will be deducted.
    If your account reaches zero, all bookings will be cancelled and you cannot book other lessons.
    You need to recharge the 250 CZK again, then you can book lessons again.
    We recommend to recharge at least 500 CZK.
    If you always arrive or cancel on time for your lesson, your credit will not change.
    If you decide that you no longer want to come to us and you do not have any more lessons booked and you do not arrive for them, we will refund your topped up credit (only applies to credit charged to a multisport account) to your account. Credit can only be refunded within 12 months of your last lesson.

    Class participation

    You can participate in all classes marked as multisport
    You are required to load your card and show proof of ID when entering the class.
    If you do not do this, the system will charge you a credit of 250,- CZK.
    If you are not registered in the system as a multisport user, you pay the full price for the class even if you have a multisport card. If you want to change your account type, please contact moschna@dancenter.cz.
    If you no longer have a multisport card, you need to report it to moschna@dancenter.cz and request a change of account. If you do not do so, you will be charged 250 CZK per hour and the studio reserves the right to block your account.
    It is not possible to arrive for another class - our system will load your multisport card only during the class you are registered for (max. 10 minutes before the start, 10 minutes after the end of the class).
    If you arrive to retrieve your card, it will only load during the time you are registered for the class, max 15 minutes before the class or 15 minutes after the end of the class. It is not possible to load your card at any other time.

    Changing your account

    From a multisport account to a classic account: If you no longer have a multisport card, you need to report this to moschna@dancenter.cz and request a change of account. If you do not do so, you will be charged 250 CZK per hour and the studio reserves the right to block your account.
    Cancel all booked lessons.
    Email moschna@dancenter.cz and request a change of account.
    We will set up your account.

    From a regular account to a multisport account.

    Cancel all bookings
    Email moschna@dancenter.cz to request an account change. In the email, write your multisport card number.
    We will set up your account.
    If you do not make the change, it is not possible to get a refund for the class where you were registered as a classic user, even though you used a multisport card.

    Class participation

    By registering for a class or lesson I confirm that I am attending at my own risk and any injury is my personal responsibility. I will inform the instructor of my medical condition before the class.
    The lesson is made available 15 minutes before the start of the lesson and I will arrive at the lesson in full condition. You may be denied access to the class if you are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. No refunds will be given.


    Do you work long short weeks?

    No problem, our schedule is just right for you, you can only sign up for classes you can make it to. The instructors are trained and know how to teach.

    First time here and can't sign up?

    You probably don't have a credit. You can come without credit, but we can't guarantee there will be a spot available. You cannot register by email or phone. All bookings are self-directed and we cannot access your account.

    Can't get your email to work and you've already been with us?

    You may have gotten yourself deactivated. Contact us by email.

    Can I come even if the course has started?

    You can definitely come, but you need to be prepared to be a little behind :-) However, if the course is over for about the last 3 hours, there is no point in coming as a beginner. Wait for the next one.

    I sent money through my account and it hasn't arrived yet?

    We take 3 working days to credit your account. Count on the bank being late. If the crediting time is longer than 4 days, contact us by email, you may have forgotten to credit your name or we couldn't pair the payment with the account.

    Have you decided to quit and want a refund?

    If you're a Multisport user and want a refund, send us an email with your request and account number and we'll refund your money to your account (if you've followed all the conditions above). Refund of deposit for multisport The deposit can only be refunded if you have topped up your multisport account. The deposit can only be refunded within 12 months of your last booked class at the studio. After that, it is not possible. If you are a classic user - refund is not possible, but we can transfer the credit to someone else.

    What should I know when I go to my first class?

    You should know that pole dance/aerial hoop/silks is a more physically demanding sport and can be painful and difficult at first. Our primary goal is not to teach you the coolest upside down tricks in the shortest amount of time (that's just icing on the cake), but we specialize in making sure that you enjoy the class, relax, and love coming to class whether you are 20 or 50, whether you are 34 or 46. You don't have to start out in gym shorts, but leggings or clothes suitable for other indoor sports (sports played in a gym) will do. We practice without shoes and to avoid slipping on the bar, it is not a good idea to use body lotion or ointment before the class (however, if you must use ointment due to a medical condition, it is a good idea to shower before the class - showers are available in the studio). As a rule, we practice without jewellery, which could be a hindrance during the exercise. Arrive 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled start time so you can get ready in time. Towels for wiping down the bars are available in the studio and drinks for refreshments can be purchased on site. You can leave your belongings in the changing room, where lockers are available. Last but not least, you should know that we are a great bunch here and we all started out once just like you.

    We offer performances.

    Want to book a performance, private party, bachelorette party, team building, or just get to know the bar? No problem, everything can be arranged. Feel free to contact us by email. Please note - we do not rent the studio for private use. We love it:)

    What are the health restrictions for pole dance/aerial hoop/silks.

    Any kind of sport requires good health. This is no different for pole dancing. If you are unsure, consult your medical professional. Inform your instructor of any restrictions at the beginning of class. Of course, if you suffer from an infectious disease (such as the flu), you should not come to class to avoid infecting others.