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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Without registration and credit (called Moschnáky) on your account is not possible to book any lessons. You are allowed to recharge your credit (Moschnáky) before starting class - you simple buy coupon and make reservation class.

    How I can reserved lesson

    You have to make reservation on our website. Refill your email, choose password and login to your account. Please refill your name, date of your birth and phone number and also u can put to your account your picture. This informations are available only for register users.

    After that you can recharge your credit called Moschnaky (1,- CZK = 1 Moschnak). In upper side in pink panel on our website you can click on “Charge credit”.

    You can recharge credit by sending your money on our bank. account or you can buy in studio coupons with value:

    200,- CZK
    800,- CZK
    1 600,- CZK
    2 400,- CZK

    Code from coupon refill to “Charge code” and u click on “Charge Moschnáky” and done. You have credit on your account.

    Valid of Moschnaky are 12 months.

    Please be informed that u are allowed to charge minimum 200,- CZK over the bank. account. Please be patience, it should be over 3 working days.

    When are Moschnaky (credit) on your account u are allowed to reserve a class. Make a click on “My Reservation” in pink panel and choose lessons, which u prefer. After successful reservation we charge your Moschnaky.

    You can free cancel your reservation till 6 p.m. day before a class. Please be informed, after that is not possible to cancel your reservation and credit forfeited to system and is no possible any reimbursement. This means we cannot offer refunds if you do not come to class.

    If reserved class less than 5 participants till 6 p.m. day before a class, it will be canceled and u receive cancelation email and we unlock your credit to next class.

    Moschnaky is not possible to change to money back, but we offer catch up to other classmates.

    By signing up for a course or lesson you certify that you participate at your own risk and any injury is your personal responsibility. Inform about health issues lecturer class ago.

    The class is made available 15 minutes before the beginning. Please arrive fully fit. It may be denied access by the class under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Without entitlement to a refund.


    You can sign up for lessons, which are indicated in the schedule word MULTIPORT. To subscribe to class or for you have to have at least 200 recharge Moschnaky (credit). If you can not arrive at the class you must cancel it at 6.p.m. the previous day. If you do not come to the class, we subtract 200 Moschnaky and cancel all of your reservation. To re-booking it is necessary to recharge Moschnaky and perform re-booking. If you get 200 Moschnaky those remains for further use.

    Lessons that are labeled as MULTISPORT you can log in even if you do not own the card MULTISPORT.

    When entering the class, you are required to read the card, proof of identity by ID.

    Beware, if you are not registered in the system as a MULTISPORT user, you pay full price for an class even if the MULTISPORT card you own. If you want to change the account type, write email to moschna@dancenter.cz.

    Frequently asked questions

    You work long short week - never mind, just our schedule will suit you, you can log on only those hours that can arrive. The lecturers are trained and knows how to teach!
    Are you here for the first time and can not log in? Probably you do not recharge your credit. You can come without credit, but not guarantee you it will be a vacancy. Unable to register by email or phone. Any reservations you're driving alone, and we can not go to your account.
    Unable to deploy e-mail and you've been with us? Maybe you were left disabled and do not want to tell you went emails. Contact us by email.
    I can come even when the course began? As mentioned above, you can come, lecturers have a precise plan and come up with something. However, if the course is over about the last 3 hours, it does not make sense to walk like a beginner. Wait for the next listed.
    I want a trial lesson free - Sample lessons for free or for a token amount always arrange certain period, follow us on FB. If you missed it, recharge your credit for just one lesson.
    I sent the money through the account and had not yet arrived - on crediting an account can take 3 working days. Expect even with that bank is delayed. If the turnaround time is longer than four days, contact us by email, maybe you forgot attributed to your name, or we could pair the payment account.
    you decided to quit and want to return the money. Everything handled individually. DO NOT charge absurdly large amounts that are not able to walk out. It is possible to transfer credit to another person. If you are user of multisport and want to return a deposit of 200, - send us an email with the request and the account number.

    Where to buy a rod and equipment for pole dance?

    In our Moschna pole dance centers you can buy clothes suitable for a pole dance, as well as accessories and equipment for dance.

    The bars can be purchased in Europoles which you can find on the website www.tanecnityce.cz and thanks to our cooperation, you can get a discount of CZK 400 on the purchase, after entering the password "Moschna."

    What should I know everything when I go to my first lesson?

    You should know that pole dancing is a physically demanding sport, and from the beginning it can be painful and difficult. Our fundamental goal is not to teach you in the shortest possible time, the coolest tricks upside down (that's just icing on the cake), but we specialize in bring you hours of talking, time relaxing you and walked toward us happy, whether you are 20 or 50, whether you're 34 or veilkost 46th

    At the beginning you do not practice sports kraťáscích, but will they do need to wear leggings or suitable for other indoor sports (sports practiced in the gym). Pole dance practicing without shoes and you along the rod does not slide, not good before lessons use body lotion or ointment (if not due to health ointment gotta use is good before lessons a shower - showers in the studio are available to you).

    We practice the principle without jewelry that they might be an obstacle during exercise.

    At the time it comes on 10 minutes before the listed start, whether you could use ready in time.

    towels for wiping bars are available in the studio as well as refreshments can be purchased on site.

    His things you can keep in the changing room, where they are available lockers.

    Finally, you should know that we're classy bunch and we all began once like you.

    We appearances.

    If you want to book shows, private party, bachelor party, teambuilding or just get acquainted with the bar? No problem, everything is moschné finish. Feel free to contact us by email or phone. Caution - studio for rent your private purposes! We like him:)

    What are the health restrictions for pole dance?

    Any kind of sport requires good health. In the field of dance is no different. If you're not sure, talk to your healthcare professional. About any limitations Inform your teacher at the beginning of the lesson.

    Pregnancy, asthma or physical ailment might not be an obstacle. However, it is necessary to forward his pole dance instructor consult intensity exercises.

    Of course, if you're suffering from an infectious disease (eg flu), on the hour come, infect others